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Alaska Native Authors

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month Continued!

It’s Indigenous Peoples Month, and I only touched on authors last week. So here’s a roundup with more authors for you to check out!

First, we are lucky to have many children’s and YA books by Indigenous authors and illustrators. If you want a great overview, I recommend Dr. Debbie Reese and Dr. Jean Mendoza’s website American Indians in Children’s Literature for reviews and extensive information about this topic. See the site at http://www.americanindiansinchildrensliterature.net.

Second, since I live in Alaska, I’m going to share my go-to list of Alaska Native authors and illustrators. This is not a complete list of all the excellent ones out there, but it will give you a taste of the width and breath of the talent we have up here. Feel free to comment to add to my list! (Note: My formatting got weird and I was not able to add the diacritics for some names—I apologize for that.)

Children’s Books:

Picture book authors Barbara and Ethan Atwater: https://www.westmarginpress.com/blog/alaskan-storytelling-culture/

Illustrator Michaela Goade:


Board book and picture book author Angela Gonzalez:


Co-author (for Elizabeth Peratrovich, Fighter in Velvet Gloves) and artist Roy Peratrovich, Jr.:


Adult books:

(Many of these authors write in more than one genre.)

Nora Marks Dauenhauer:


Joan Naviyuk Kane:


Ishmael Angaluuk Hope:


Ernestine Hayes:


William L. Iggiagruk (Willie) Hensley:


Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff:


Velma Wallis:


C. G. Williams:


Mercy Zephyr:


Try a few or all of them—I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for you in this Indigenous Peoples Month.

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