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Books for Black History Month

Black History Month is a great time to read books by Black authors (but of course I encourage you to do that year-round, too). Here are a few you might consider:

Since it is the month to think about Black history, here’s a classic author who everyone should know. James Baldwin’s writing is insightful, witty, and brilliant, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. A good place to start is the novel If Beale Street Could Talk. Tish and Fonny are madly in love. When Fonny is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, they and their families pull together to clear his name and give their baby a loving home.

James Baldwin If Beal Street Could Talk, image of young Black boy jumping off urban building

Lamar Grimes has written several YA novels, and one of my favorites is Spin. When rising music star Paris Secord is murdered, her former best friend and her leading groupie must figure out who killed her—without getting themselves killed by the killer or Paris’ obsessed fans.

Spin: The music won't stop until the beat stops...dead., Lamar Giles, Image of young Black woman wearing headphones, DJ-style record player in foreground

For something lighter, try Belinda Kroll’s gothic historical romances. In Haunting Miss Trentwood, Mary’s father passes away but doesn’t leave her alone. His ghost keeps hanging around while she’s seeking the identity of her sister’s blackmailer.

Belinda Kroll, Haunting Miss Trentwood: A Hesitant Medium Novel, silhouette image of Victorian couple; house, gentleman and tree in background

And one of my favorite YA reads with a great cover is Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender. Felix is afraid that being black, trans, and gay is too much to get a happily ever after. As he sorts out his art portfolio and his plans for the future, he might find true love in the process.

National Book Award Winner Karen Callender Felix Ever After, Stonewall Honor Book sticker, young Black trans male in tank top showing scars, flowers in his hair and around him

What Black book or author do you recommend?

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