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Disability Pride Month Picks

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

stack of books on left side, text "Disability Pride Month" on right

It’s Disability Pride Month! Check out this HRW website for background information about the observance:

Disability Pride Month is a great time to read books by disabled authors. I confess this is an area I am working on, so instead of a list of book reviews, I will highlight both authors I enjoy and authors on my TBR list. I learned about many of these authors from Sabina Nordqvist’s disability rep books list (@nordqvistbooks on Instagram), and the great anthology Allies: Real Talk About Showing Up, Screwing Up, And Trying Again, co-edited by Shakirah Bourne and Dana Allison Levy. Thanks to them and to these great authors for bringing disability to readers.

Melinda Grace: Meet Me in Outer Space (central auditory processing disorder)

Liz Hsu: Butterflies and Characters (lupus),

Lillie Lainoff: One for All (chronic illness),

S. C. Megale: This is Not a Love Scene (MD)

A. J. Sass: Ellen Outside the Lines (autism),

Aiden Thomas: Cemetery Boys (ADHD)

Kayla Whaley: A to Z Animal Mysteries series (wheelchair user), and also

Try one, or several of these authors, and find your next favorite book!

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