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Fur Rondy time!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Note: This is a reprise of last year's post while I enjoy the 2023 Rondy. Let's hope Buddy Streeper wins the race again! :-)

Fur Rondy is short for Fur Rendezvous, Anchorage's winter festival. It started way back in 1935, at a time "that would coincide with the time that miners and trappers came to town with their yield" hence the name. Fur Rondy has seen many changes over time, but many of the main events have entertained folks for generations.

The Open World Championship Sled Dog Races take place over three days, 25 miles each day. It starts in downtown Anchorage and loops through much of town, but my favorite place to watch it is on Cordova Street.

Fur Rondy sled dog race

Another of my favorite events is the snowshoe softball tournament. You haven't seen the sport until you've seen players trying to get to base on snowshoes!

snowshoe softball game, with snowshoes resting on fence

And many people go to see the snow sculptures on Ship Creek every year. It's amazing what people can create with snow!

snow sculpture of a couple embracing above flower petals

This year, I hope to attend several Rondy events--maybe I'll see you there! Learn more about Rondy at the official website at

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