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Happy TeenTober!

TeenTober is a celebration hosted by libraries every October to celebrate teens and promote teen services in libraries.

YALSA logo (Young Adult Library Services Association) TEENtober What will you discover at the library?

There are more public libraries than McDonalds or Starbucks in the US. Teens are one of the primary groups of library patrons. Libraries offer young adults after school tutoring and programs to help them with their schoolwork. They host life skills workshops on topics from first aid to personal finances to digital literacy. Teens go to libraries for reading, writing, coding, and crafts.

More than ever before, young people need libraries. The library is a safe space for teens to hang out and be themselves without harassment or discrimination. We must support libraries in their mission to help all people in the communities they serve.

How can you help? Support your local library by letting the youth services staff know you appreciate them. Reach out to your government representatives to encourage them to support your library system. Donate to YALSA, Young Adult Library Services Association, at .

Happy TeenTober!

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