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It's National Library Week!

April 23-29, 2023 is National Library Week. A big thanks to all our librarians and library staff that make our libraries a safe and happy place. You make our community a better place to live.

If you read my blog (or the news), I'm sure you are familiar with recent book challenges. Want to help support libraries and the right to read? Here are a few things you can do this week.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper praising your local school or public library.

Contact your local school board or city council and let them know you support librarians and library workers.

If you hear of a censorship challenge or other attempt to restrict libraries, let people know that you support the work libraries do.

If you can afford it, donate to the American Library Association’s Unite Against Book Bans ( or a similar nonprofit.

Want to know more? Check out Unite Against Book Bans’ Action Toolkit at .

Together, we can make a difference and help libraries continue to enrich our lives.

Because librarians stand up for your right to read. Libraries Transform #LibrariesTransform ALA

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