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My Public Service Announcement: I got Covid.

Last Thursday, I had chills and fever. Then the aches, coughing, and fatigue kicked in. On Friday, I took a home test that came back positive for Covid-19.

What I want others to know:

  1. While I feel lousy and wouldn't wish this on anyone, my symptoms are fairly mild. My lungs are working normally. The fever is gone. This is because I was caught up on my vaccinations. My body already had some tools to fight the virus. I would be much worse without those shots.

  2. I owe my mild case of Covid to the doctors, nurses, aides, lab techs, researchers, CDC staff, and others who have sacrificed their physical and mental health over the last three years to get us to this point. I would not be here without their work. Thank you!

  3. If you need a push to get that shot, or wear that mask the next time you go out--this is it. Be brave, and do what you need to do to protect yourself and your family.

P.S. Yes, my family is well (thank goodness). I should be fine--unless I have long-term Covid, which is another blog post topic in itself. I have people looking after me. Please, take care of yourself.

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