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National News Literacy Week 2023

Stop the flood of misinformation. Brown hand holding smart phone with umbrella over it. Jane. 23-27, 2023 #NewsLiteracyWeek National New Literacy Week presented by New Literacy Project and Scripps

Maybe your friends send you both rumors and news. Maybe you distrust the news you see. Maybe you’re not sure who to believe.

No matter which statement you agree with above, you need to have tools to know how to spot misinformation and find out the truth. That’s what news literacy is all about.

News literacy means having the skills to understand what we’re seeing and make solid judgements about what is news and what is not. National News Literacy Week helps us get there.

The News Literacy Project is a great place to start. Check out their site at from January 23 to 27 and use their resources to learn and help others learn these four steps:

· Know how to spot misinformation with tools like Rumor Guard and Checkology.

· Seek out trustworthy information with the standards of quality journalism and the hallmarks of credible science-related information.

· Champion news literacy with tools like Eight Tips to Google Like a Pro and Is It Legit? pages.

· If you’re able to, join the movement by donating, joining a group, or participating in an event.

We can increase our news literacy, and know what is real news and what is misinformation. Just think of how that will lower our anxiety levels, to know who and what we can trust. That will make life better, for ourselves and our families and friends.

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