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Quirky Alaskans

ice cream cone with dialogue bubble "Life is better with ice cream!"
Graphic via Diana Muñoz on Canvas

Every group of people has its quirks. We Alaskans do, too. Here are a few that I’ve come across lately.


Ice Cream

Alaskans per capita eat the most ice cream. You may think that’s counterintuitive, as most of us live where it’s cold in the winter. But that doesn’t deter us. I saw a guy carry out a half-gallon from the grocery store today, even though it was near 0 degrees F. I’ve done that myself. I chalk it up to coziness—even in the wintertime, ice cream is a nice comfort food when you want to relax.


Shorts in Winter

This is not one that I subscribe to, but there’s a sizable group that wears shorts in the wintertime. I saw a person in a coat, boots, and nylon shorts on the way home from that grocery store today. Maybe these folks think they look tough, or maybe they really don’t feel their legs getting cold.


Casual to Formal Clothes at Events

Whether it’s a holiday party, nice restaurant, or the opera, Alaskans wear whatever they want to for any occasion. It’s not unusual to see one person in a fancy dress next to someone in mostly-clean jeans and a Carhartt hoodie. If it doesn’t have fish guts on it, you’re good to go.  Personally, I usually dress in between the two ends of this spectrum. No judgment here—Alaskans are comfortable wearing a variety of outfits to any event.

These quirks are some things that make Alaskans fun to be with. Especially for the last two, we don’t care too much about appearances, and place more value on our actions. If you’re a good friend and neighbor, that’s what counts.


Any quirks I missed, or any you’d like to tell about residents in another place? Drop a line in the comments!

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