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The Ebbs and Flows of Writing

Rocky beach nd algae, water and snowy mountains in background
Low tide in Prince William Sound

I’ve been writing seriously for about 18 years. (Before that, I dabbled, but didn’t write on a regular basis.) Like many writers, I’ve found that my creativity and enthusiasm ebb and flow.


The flows are the fun part, when the ideas come quickly and it’s just a matter of planning the book and working on it. I love to see the characters in my head and discover their stories. It’s like daydreaming out loud (or on the laptop, in my case). Once I know where I’m headed, I can write for months.


Then, of course, there are the times the creativity stops flowing. Then the enthusiasm ebbs, too, and I wonder why I want to do this writing stuff.


My ebbs or writer’s blocks tend to be about not being able to execute the ideas and get them on paper in a decent form. I might have a general concept, but no clue about the details. Or I know what I want to happen to the main character, but the scenes won’t come together. Usually, I get stuck when I’ve painted myself in a plot corner or I am pushing the story in the wrong direction. If I let go and take some time to step away, the solution usually comes to me.  Then I’m ready to go again.


After all these years, I know that it’s temporary. But it’s still something I have to go through now and then. I think of the waves lapping at the shore, how the tide will roll in again. Writing can be like that, if I keep the faith and stick with it.


Whether your experience ebbs and flows in writing or in another area, remember the tide will turn. Hang in there! I’m pulling for you!

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