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The Iditarod Pin!

You’ve probably heard of the Iditarod, the thousand-mile sled dog race that is a big deal in Alaska and sometimes beyond. (See my previous post about the race at


This year is the first that they’ve had a public competition for an Iditarod pin, and a family friend won it!


Cindy Pendleton is an Alaskan artist. (See her artist website at


We met years ago when she was teaching art at a middle school where my husband taught ISS and Math. We’ve kept in touch ever since. When I asked Cindy about the Iditarod pin, she said, “This past summer the ITC announced that they would for the first time ever, have a contest for the community- much like the Rondy pin competition has done for years. (my designs for Rondy were used 2 different years ago- 1989 and 2011.) For me, being winner of the first ever Iditarod logo design competition is a real honor, and another satisfying notch on my palette. I have been an Iditarod fan, supporter, and volunteer from almost the beginning of its inception back in the early ‘70s.”


Here's the Iditarod pin design in the center:

Fur Rendezvous  plate with mountain goat, pin design with sled dog and snowflakes, text "2024 Iditarod Alaska The Last Great Race on Earth", Fur Rendezvous pin design with swan

And here’s the official Iditarod website, if you’d like to learn more about the race:


Happy trails (pun intended)!

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