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Trying Out The StoryGraph

The StoryGraph logo (three books on a shelf and words The StoryGraph)

Trying Out The StoryGraph

A friend recently mentioned The StoryGraph ( Anything that has to do with books and reading is up my alley, so I had to check it out. I am impressed!

As the website will tell you, The StoryGraph is “the all-in-one platform for your bookish needs.” You can use it to keep track of your reading and to-be-read list. You can also use it to find books that fit in certain categories. For example, you might be looking for something that’s emotional, or funny, or adventurous. Use The StoryGraph to find it, “because life’s too short for a book you’re not in the mood for.” There are other features I haven’t explored yet, but it looks like a fun place to discuss and learn about books.

I know there are other apps or sites for this kind of thing, including a big one that I have used in the past. But I like the layout and descriptors The StoryGraph uses, and it’s nice to support something that started as a book nerd’s private project.

I’ll be using The StoryGraph in the future, and I encourage you to try it and see if it meets your needs, too. If you do join, look for me under lynnlovegreen. See you around!

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