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Wrangell, Alaska

I’ve been sharing photos of our recent travels in Southeast Alaska ( and For our final stop, we’ll go to Wrangell.

Wrangell (not to be confused with Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in a different part of Alaska) is a small fishing and tourist town. It has the distinction of being under the control of the Tlingit, Russians, British, and the United States at different times in history. I highly recommend the excellent Wrangell Museum for more information about that and other local topics.

Today, it’s primarily a fishing town. Many businesses either fish commercially, process fish, or repair boats. Small cruise ships and the state ferry stop in Wrangell, too. It also has a history of garnet mining, and the town’s children have the right to dig garnets from a nearby mine site and sell them—unique souvenirs! Wrangell people are friendly and down to earth, so it was the perfect end to our Southeast adventure.

Here are some photos for you. Hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did!

small building with "Alaska Airlines Wrangell" on the side, baggage truck and fuel tank. Airplane wing in foreground.
the Wrangell Airport

large rocks and seaweed in foreground, misty clouds and mountains in background
Petroglyph Beach

Tlingit (indigenous) longhouse on small island to the left, small boar harbor with boats and dock to the right.
Chief Shakes House and small boat harbor

Landscaping with hydrangea bush in foreground, paved street with Victorian-style storefronts in background
Front Street, Wrangell

View of rainforest with hemlocks and other trees and foliage, view of town, water, mountains, and clouds in background.
View from Mt. Dewey

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