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Writing Tips for Teens Booklet is out!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Note: To celebrate the start of the 2022-3 school year, I thought I'd remind people about my Writing Tips for Teens. Feel free to use it yourself, or pass it on to others! Here's a reprise of the debut post.

You may recall I posted Writing Tips for Teens once a month last school year, to help out teen writers, teachers, and librarians. I recently compiled and edited them to create a booklet. (It's too short to call it a book!)

If you're looking for ideas about the writing process, setting, character, or point of view--or you need new writing prompts--this is for you!

Writing Tips for Teens by Lynn Lovegreen

It's on the books page of this website at . To download your own copy, click on the "Download PDF" button.

Want to spread the word? Feel free to tell others about it, and if you want a hashtag, try #WritingTipsforTeens .

Happy writing! And if you have any writing questions, please ask!

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