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Writing Tips for Teens: Tidbits

I’ve been posting #writingtipsforteens on the first week of each month. This month’s post is the last for the school year. Here are some tidbits to consider as you write on your own this summer, and a bonus writing prompt in case you’d like one to play with!

1. There are no rules, just guidelines. Never believe anyone who says “always” or “never.” (See what I did there?! J) Sometimes guidelines are important; you probably need a plot and characters to write a book. But sometimes they sound like the law when they aren’t; you have my permission to try using adverbs or whatever other “never” you’ve been told to avoid.

2. Write often! Some writers write every day, and some make time in their weekly or monthly calendar. But writing is a practice, and the best way to get better at it is to practice as much as you can. Once you find a schedule that works for you, incorporate it into your regular routine and stick to it.

3. Read often! Reading is fun for many of us, but it also lets you see great examples of writing and notice what works in structure, character, and so on. Read widely and make it part of your writing life.

4. Discover your own writing style. This kind of goes with #1 above, but there’s more than one right answer to the question of how to write. Your writing voice is unique, and your style may be different from your favorite author’s. Don’t feel like you have to copy them to be a good writer.

5. Back up your electronic writing. You don’t want to lose weeks or months of work when your computer dies, so save and back up your writing on a USB drive, on the Cloud, whatever system is easy for you to use.


Take three things that you see around you, or that you recently saw in three different movies or video games. For example, pencil, window, sink; or dragon, ice cream, witch. Now, write a story or poem that contains all three things.

Please comment if you have any questions.

Take care. I’m thinking of you—you are not alone.

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