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Yay, libraries!

It’s no surprise to any of my followers that I love libraries. I have been spreading library love for years. But nowadays, it’s even more important that we remind people of the great work libraries do and support them however we can.

Here’s a couple examples of great Alaskan library activities:

The Ketchikan Public Library Outreach staff offers a Bookshare program to get materials to homebound folks and to locations all over town, including the Highliner Laundromat and the South Tongass Service Station.

The Anchorage Public Library is hosting a Books Get Out Our Vote program to help people learn about Alaska’s new “pick one primary” and “ranked choice general” voting system.

And here are some resources for learning more about libraries and how to support them:

The #FReadom Fighters site highlights the work librarians do and lists actions to defend the right to read.

The American Library Association has tons of resources, including their Intellectual Freedom blog.

And their Unite Against Book Bans gives information and tools to act against book banning,

EveryLibrary helps with crowdfunding for libraries and literacy, encourages people to take action to support libraries, and hosts petitions to fight for school librarians.

For one positive action to take right now, nominate your favorite local librarian for the I Love My Librarian Award.

And of course, the most important thing you can do is vote for people who support libraries. That’s the easiest way we’ll hang on to them in the future.

No matter what you choose, there’s lots of ways to celebrate and support librarians and the work they do. Yay, libraries!

Graphic: Because librarians stand up for your right to read. #GiveALA ALA American Library Association

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