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Libraries and Rainbow Book Month

Pride books display in library with a variety of books

It's Pride Month, and Rainbow Book Month.

I am always pleased to see displays of books in libraries, and this one is no exception. Librarians and library staff find great materials for a variety of readers. They create themed book displays that catch my attention and often introduce me to books I add to my TRB list or check out on the spot.

The photo shows one of many Pride displays in libraries. At this critical time in our history, it's even more important for queer people and allies to find books on LGBTQIA+ topics or stories and by queer authors. Whether you're looking for a book that you can see yourself in, or you want to explore more of this big world we live in, we need diverse books, and they should be available in our libraries.

Want to support libraries? Here are some ideas: Thank your local librarian. Write a letter to the editor to your local paper, or write your legislator or city council, about your support of libraries. Join a group like Unite Against Book Bans ( or Authors Against Book Bans ( Or do more than one of these.

Thank you, librarians!

And happy Rainbow Book Month!

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