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Happy Thanksgiving!

This week is American Thanksgiving. (Canada already had their day this year.) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s focused on the most important thing: our loved ones. At least, that’s how we celebrate it where I live.—Yes, I know that’s not exactly what the holiday name says, and if I had the time I’d dig into the myths and problems surrounding the origin of the holiday in the United States. I understand why some find fault with it.—Overall, Thanksgiving’s the day we get together with people we love and share our blessings.

Some Alaskans live near family members, and in that case they often gather for a Thanksgiving meal. Others don’t have family nearby, or would rather spend the day with friends and neighbors. Personally, we’ve been able to invite “orphaned” friends and classmates (who are on their own or have distant relatives) to share dinner with our family, which is a nice combination of the two.

Thankful graphic with leaves and pumpkins

It’s our tradition that my husband and I host the Thanksgiving meal. I usually cook the big dishes and others bring side dishes. To help us think about gratitude, I “make” everyone say one thing they are thankful for. Most say they’re thankful for each other, or for one of us to attend after a bout of bad health or another obstacle. We’re also thankful for our nice, warm house and the bounty we share. We are lucky. A house filled with family and/or a chosen family is a precious gift. I love sharing my time and great food with good people. To me, that’s really what life is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the day, however you celebrate it!

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