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Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Note: Much of Fur Rondy is cancelled this year, but the snow sculpture competition will go on! Please enjoy this post from last yea

As you may know, Fur Rendezvous (or Fur Rondy for short) is Anchorage, Alaska’s winter carnival. It started as a three-day winter sports festival in 1935 and grew from there to a two-week festival with events from outhouse races to a snowshoe softball tournament to a world-famous sled dog race. See more about Fur Rondy at my post at or the official website at

My husband and I checked out the snow sculptures last year for the first time in many years. We were glad we did! Near the shores of Ship Creek, teams of sculptors gather to turn 8-foot-square blocks of snow into art. People start watching during construction, and then stop by to see the results for the two weeks of Rondy. Sometimes the weather warms up too much, and they melt before the official judging March 1 or Fur Rondy is over the week after. It’s definitely a temporary art form. But the sculptures are beautiful, and often funny, too!

Often a leader organizes family members or friends, but it’s also common for nonprofits or businesses to get into the game. Last year’s winners included Block #6, Best Buddies Club, "You're Amazing Just The Way You Are” and Block #13, BDS Architects, "Tug of RAAWWWR.” Here are a couple photos from last year—hope to see you out there!

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