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My Favorite Reads in 2022

One of my goals for this year was to read more, and I think I did, with 20 books if I counted right! I read mostly YA fiction, with a few adult novels and nonfiction titles thrown in for variety. So many good ones this year—it reminded me how wonderful it is to be lost in a book! I hope to spend as much time or more reading in 2023.

Here’s a list of eight YA favorites, in no particular order. Many of these novels were published this year, but some I just got around to reading recently.

Sweetest romance (yes, that’s a pun):

The Heartbreak Bakery by A. R. Capetta

Syd (no pronouns) is the youngest baker at Proud Muffin, a queer oasis in Austin, Texas. When Syd’s magic brownies make couples break up, it’s up to Syd and delivery person Harley (he, they) to put things right. Could romance be part of the recipe, too? You’ll enjoy the setting, and the lovable characters, too.

Best time travel romance:

Emmie and the Tudor Throne by Natalie Murray

The end of the Hearts and Crowns series lived up to its promise! (You may want to read the other two novels first.) When Emmie and Nick learn the consequences of their life in the modern world, they must return to Tudor England to save Nick’s sister’s life. This brilliant author will give you all the feels in this romantic time travel adventure.

P.S. I read the YA version, but there’s a steamier New Adult one, too.

Best Entrepreneur:

Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe

Henri Haltiwanger can charm everyone. He charms his way through prep school, and his dog walking business. Then the only person who isn't charmed--intense Corinne Troy--blackmails him into teaching her how to socialize. It doesn't go as planned. ⁠This has a great romance, a diverse cast, and lots of dogs for the dog lovers out there!

Best mystery:

Serious Moonlight by Jennifer Bennett

It has romance, mystery, and coming of age rolled into one! Birdie's overactive imagination leads her to see everything as a detective would. That comes in handy when her new hotel job leads her to a handsome young man with a mystery to solve. Is a reclusive author meeting someone behind that door? And why would Daniel be interested in her? Is this real love, or just smoke and mirrors?⁠

Most nostalgic novel:

You Can Go Your Own Way by Eric Smith

Adam wants to save his family’s pinball arcade. Whitney’s working for her dad’s tech gaming café. A snowstorm traps them together. This sweet YA romance features pop culture nostalgia and a rich setting.

Best feminist novel:

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

This is a classic must-read for feminists. Vivian is sick and tired of her high school, where the football team is priority number one, and sexist dress codes and harassment are routine. She takes a cue from her mom's Riot Grrrl past and creates a zine. What follows leads to a revolution.⁠

Best summer romance:

The Summer of Lost Letters by Hannah Reynolds

Need a cozy summer romance? This is for you! Abby needs an adventure, then her grandmother's old love letters drop into her life. Finally, Abby has a chance to find out about what happened to her grandmother after she escaped the Holocaust. She goes to Nantucket to learn what her grandmother was doing there and who her mysterious love was. When Abby meets the mystery man's grandson, that leads to more complications and maybe a love of her own.

Best Interpretation of a Classic:

Debating Darcy by Sayantani DasGupta

Leela Bose competes to win. When she switches to debate to beat Firoze Darcy, she ends up with more than she bargained for. Okay, DasGupta had me at high school forensics and debate plus Jane Austen. But even if you’re not a fan of those two things, this story about the many kinds of love and about speaking your truth will win you over.

To see more about my reading, you can find me on The Story Graph at

Now it’s your turn. What books did you enjoy reading in 2022?

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