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Pride Month 2023

For the last several years, I've celebrated Pride Month as a proud ally. I have queer friends and colleagues I am glad to support. I believe that all people are equal, and love is love. Nowadays, it seems even more important than ever to stand up for our friends who are LGBTQIA+ and/or marginalized in other ways.

Are you familiar with the updated Progress Pride flag created by Daniel Quasar? It's pretty cool.

Updated Progress Pride flag by Daniel Quasar, rainbow colors field with left angles of white, pink, blue, brown, black

His 2018 design, which added white, pink, light blue, brown, and black to the traditional rainbow Pride flag, represents the addition of the transgender community and people of color to the usual queer rainbow. (To learn more, check out the Reuters fact-check article at

That's great progress, to make Pride even more inclusive. After all, that's the point--that we're all a part of the community. Let's celebrate that concept, today and all through the year.

Happy Pride Month!

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