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School Library Month

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April is School Library Month! As you know, I’m a big fan of libraries. They have sustained me through my entire life, and a significant part of that is school libraries.


School librarians are professionals who earn degrees in library science to prepare for many valuable tasks throughout the school year. On a given day or week, they might show kids the perfect books for their reading level and interests, lead classes about research projects, introduce kids to new books and authors, set up book displays and activities, help teachers find lesson materials, organize and maintain library collections, and teach online literacy. Most importantly, they provide a safe and fun place for students to connect with stories and books. School libraries give kids a home away from home, and open doors to the world for them.


Unfortunately, some people attack librarians and work to limit access to books. They don’t understand that intellectual freedom gives all people the right to read what appeals to them. They don’t see that offering access to books from many different perspectives can broaden our world, and help students find empathy and connection to others as they learn about themselves.


This is a great time to step up and be an ally for school librarians and others affected by book challenges and bans. Here are two groups you can look into:

Unite Against Book Bans:

I’ll introduce a new group next week—stay tuned!

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