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Voting Matters!

Scrabble tile holder with tiles spelling "VOTE"

I’m sure you are aware of what’s going on in the world. People are divided by party, by issue, by misinformation that spreads through social media and other venues.

And in the United States in particular, we’ve seen laws passed and pressure applied to take away people’s rights. Threats to public school teachers, to librarians, to LBGTQ+ children and adults, to women, and to public servants like elections officials and legislators are escalating. On top of that, some people are literally trying to tear apart our democracy.

The good news? We have the power to turn things around. While there are many ways to approach these problems and preserve our inalienable rights, there is one that most of us can do right now. Vote.

Do your research using reliable sources. (Check out resources like the News Literacy Project if you need help finding the real facts.) Choose candidates to who believe in civil rights. Choose leaders who will hold the discriminators accountable and ensure everyone can live their best life without fear. Vote.

You can vote on November 8, or ahead of time in absentee or early voting. Here are a few voting resources:

For Alaskans, see voting information at

For other U. S. citizens, check out the League of Women Voters’ elections information at

And to help others get out the vote, check out Rock the Vote at

Thanks for reading this. Now, go vote! And encourage your friends and family to vote! Especially in 2022, voting matters.

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