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What I Hate About Winter

Photo of vehicles covered in several inches of snow

For someone who grew up in Alaska, I don’t like winter very much. I’m okay with the change in daylight. Unlike some people, I’m fine with the short days as long as I stay busy. It’s the cold and ice that I mind.

Maybe it’s because I got my quota when I was young. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) But when it gets close to or below zero, I hate going outside. It is beautiful, I’ll grant you that. Cold weather usually means clear blue sky, which is lovely against the white snow. But I’ll enjoy the view from indoors, please.

And while I don’t like shoveling snow (ask my lower back), the big problem for me is the ice. I hate driving on icy roads. Studded tires help a lot, but I’m always nervous about other vehicles sliding into me. I slipped and fell down on the ice about ten years ago and broke the top of my right humerus, which laid me up on the couch for several weeks. So, you can understand why I fear walking on the ice. Ice cleats help, but it’s still a bit scary for me. Another reason to stay inside.

What do I love about winter? Looking at it from a warm, safe home counting my blessings. Eating comfort food with my loved ones. And reading and writing, of course. I always get more writing done in the wintertime. That’s a good thing. So maybe I can put up with another season after all.

Happy winter, or whatever season you’re having right now!

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